Friday, December 26, 2014

Glittery Eyes for New Year's Eve

First of all I hope y'all had a WONDERFUL Christmas yesterday! 

Back to the post's subject. I wish I could put glitter on my eye lids every single day, but the reality of its messiness is far to much to handle and clean, so I just stick to New Year's Even occasions.  
All photos taken by my handsome husband.

Clearly you can tell one eye has so much more glitter than the other but I am alright with that...I think it adds more character to the sparkle. 

I've tried almost everything and anything to keep my glitter put for the whole night but nothing really worked. I mean by the end of the night my face was a disco ball. Don't get me wrong I love glitter and I want my eyes to sparkle, I do not however want to look like a vampire character from Twilight. 

So after years of looking like a damn modern vampire (oh btw, what happened to the vampires that were afraid of the light) I finally found this little saver: Gel Adhesive for Glitter from Sally Beauty store. The best part was that it was only for a dollar! I went back this year to get one for my sister and they didn't have any; now I need to look into Ulta or Sephora and see if they have anything similar. What are your tricks to keep the glitter tacked on your lids?

On another note, it's Day 2 in San Diego and we are having so much fun already!!! Have you seen what is going on already over at my Instagram account @jujusmoments

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