Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Season is On: Metallic Statement Dress

Another look for another Christmas holiday festivities event. The eye-catching silver metallic stripes on this dress make it so unique, I love it!
All photos taken by my handsome husband.

I love how this dress hugs my body and showcases my a-bit-wider-hips-after-delivery part of my body (please don't mind my tummy, I haven't lost it yet). Like most of my clothes in my closet, I don't remember when or where I purchased this dress. It could very well be 15 years old, but the great thing is is that it still fits me great! I swear sometimes I feel like my closet is a traveling proof that no one should throw away clothes because they do come back in least the classic pieces.

Hope this inspired you to pull out some of your stored old pieces you bought God knows when and make it current and beautiful again. Have a wonderful Friday, a better weekend, and talk to you all beautiful glitsies on Monday, cheers!

Outfit Details
Dress: K&J By Ken & Jey
Necklace: Local Boutique
Earrings: Minicci

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