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About JuJu (Juliana)
Well hello there! My name is Juliana and most people know me as JuJu! I am a proud lover of fashion, art, culture, and life. I have a beautiful baby girl and a handsome husband! 

My education in Fashion Management & Marketing and numerous years of experience in the fashion industry, I live and breath fashion with my little family - I should say I drag them along with me on all of the fashion activities. My daughter is too young to understand and my husband...well let's just say fashion is not his cup of tea but he does support me so that's all that matters!

It's about this very moment, next minute's moment, and tomorrow's moment that make a story, so I'm leaving a trail of glitter, cheers!

For a simple hello or for advertising opportunities, please e-mail me at jujusmoments@ymail.com 

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Thank you for reading beautiful glitsies!

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