Friday, March 20, 2015

Long Distance Friendships

Note 1: I just couldn't wait to wear my new ZARA slingback heels so I had to pair them with a comfy striped dress. Note 2: Long distance friendships are the hardest.

All photos taken by my handsome husband.

This is the first time I am going to open up about a relationship I had with a really good friend of mine. So here it goes, I won't make it super long...short and straight to the point.

My husband and I moved from beautiful California to NW Florida and it's been a transition for both of us, mainly me. I went from seeing family and friends every single day to now being at home most of the day. With the move (and let's not forget the time difference), it has been hard on some of my friends, particularly one really good one. She was my really good friend, I knew her so well that I knew when she was hurt even when she was smiling her way through the crowd. I adored her as a person. But that all changed. I'm not writing this to banish her personality or her as a person, but just to simply let it out of my chest in hopes to stop thinking about it.

You see, some people understand the simplicity of maintaining a house (cooking and cleaning),  taking care of your husband, and having all the time in the world for your baby, on top of trying to maintain sane with work/hobby/career. Some people simply understand that life gets in the way. I just hoped she understood that even though it's not like the way it used to be where talking and seeing one another was easy, I still care and cherished the moments we did connect. The moral of this story is that to completely understand and know that the friend you once had the relationship with will not change because of the miles that are between. I try...I try as a human being for after every mistake I make to bounce back and be a better person as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and neighbor.

Live on my beautiful glitsies and understand one another's situations. Have a wonderful Friday and talk to you all on Monday, cheers!

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Dress: H&M
Shoes: ZARA

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  1. I hope the move gets a bit better soon. On another note, I love those Zara mules!

    Jessica xo

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  2. Love the shoes soo much with the offset anklet :)