Friday, January 16, 2015

Thanks for The Nomination! (Liebster Award)

It is absolutely amazing that there are cyber/online awards for bloggers that are just starting off, and Liebster Awards is one of them! Thank you Elle from Elle oh Elle for nominating me, I am humbled! It is my turn to turn the favor and nominate other bloggers.

So here are the rules:
  • Liebster Award is given to a blogger with less than 200 followers that is nominated by other bloggers 
  • In order to accept the award, answer 11 questions that I came up with (questions at the end/bottom)
  • Finally, nominate 10 bloggers that you think deserve it with less than 200 followers
What a fun and great way to support each other, to support our fellow members of the community.


1. How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging here and there during college but it wasn't anything serious. I really got into blogging and made it one of my priorities this past year after having my baby girl. I'm actually coming up a 1 year here come this March!

2. What is your favorite topic to blog about?
I love fashion and almost everything that comes with it but in the later years as I transformed from a single college workaholic student to a wife and a mother, my favorite topic to blog about is fashion tailored to mothers that are chic, sophisticated, and a role model to her kids on how to dress properly. 

3. What is your favorite thing to do?
I love to walk, especially through the woods!

4. One article of clothing you couldn't live without?
Spaghetti-strap tank top

5. If you had one call in jail who would it be to?
Oh man, first of all I don't want to be in jail and if I am it better be for stealing some Louboutin shoes. It would be my family - my husband and daughter.

6. Least favorite food?
Peas! They are plain discussing!

7. Favorite season?
Spring or Autumn. They are both so relaxing!

8. Cats or Dogs?
DOGS!!!! Cats are devious.

9. Where do you hope your blog will be in a year?
One of my goals for the blog is to gain more loyal followers that can relate to my moments.

10. Where is your favorite place to write?
At this moment, it's my husband's man-cave office. I kind of occupied a corner there with all of my blog related items. 

11. If you could travel anywhere where would you go?
I would go back to Greece, visit my childhood memories and really good friend.

I now nominate:
Already beautiful glitsies, it is your turn to nominate 10 bloggers and answer these questions:
  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. Is this your main focus? Part-time or full-time?
  3. What made you start blogging?
  4. What are some of the things you do to improve or better your blogging skills?
  5. How would you describe your style of your overall blog?
  6. What do you ultimately want from your blog?
  7. ^How are you planning to achieve results for your blog?
  8. What's the side of you that your readers never see?
  9. How do you overcome blogger's/writter's block?
  10. What is the hardest thing about blogging?
  11. Finally, what's your inspiration to continue on?
Oh please do let me know when you do decide to post your Liebster Award, I would LOVE to read your answers! Have a beautiful weekend and talk to you all on Monday, cheers!

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