Monday, January 26, 2015

Favorite Jacket Since College Days

College days...aahhh. College was good to me. It started out rocky (transferring from San Diego State University to a private art school without my parents knowing) but then it was a magical place. I broke a few hearts, disappointed a few people, met the kindest souls that I still am good friends with, made some friends into family, discovered who I am, made some major career milestones, fell in love, and found this jacket.

All photos taken by my handsome husband.

This jacket is so sentimental to me. You see, this jacket carried me through some tough moments and some amazing times. I got my first kiss (from my husband) wearing this jacket. I broke up with a jackass wearing this jacket. I never planned it, it just happened that this jacket was there with me through thick and think. I cary so many wonderful memories with this jacket that make up who I am today. 

Anyway beautiful glitsies, hope your weekend was better than mine. My baby girl had a fever all weekend long, poor sweet thing she has three teeth coming in all at the same time! Have a wonderful Monday and talk to you all on Wednesday, cheers!

Outfit Detail
Jacket: EXPRESS (old)

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