Monday, January 5, 2015

December & Humid in NW Florida

It's the fifth day of the year, and it is still humid in NW Florida during the day. This past weekend, it didn't feel like it was winter at all; I want to wear my boots, hats, scarfs, and gloves but instead I still wear my flip flops...
All photos taken by my handsome husband!

Humidity and I don't really get along so well, but I gotta love it because it is oh so good on my dry skin. Anyway,  because it's December (oopps I mean January, oh gosh, time is flying by) and it doesn't feel like January,  I'm just wearing my Guess Jeans tee and some blue pants. Am I in Florida or Australia?!?!?!

Have a beautiful Monday and talk to you all on Wednesday, cheers!

Outfit Detail
Top: Guess Jeans tee

As always thank you for reading, it gives me the motivation to keep going!

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