Monday, October 20, 2014

They Were Practically FREE!

So, do you remember from last week over HERE I said on the Outfit Detail section that these pants were a surprise? The reason why I said they were a surprise is because I got them for a stealer price, that I still can't believe I got them for that about luck meant to be!
All photos taken by my handsome husband.

I think I found my new favorite jeans...actually scratch that, I DID find my new favorite jeans and they were only 6 dollars! I still can't believe it, talk about a wonderful bargain. So these jeans are Los Angeles ReRock Jeans for EXPRESS and almost all of my jeans are from EXPRESS. The reason being is because they are long enough for my giraffe legs with heels and they are perfect around my waist. No one understands the shape of my lower body other than EXPRESS - and of course my husband, but that's a different story ;)

Anyway, I stumbled upon these pair of beauty at Goodwill. YES, Goodwill. I usually don't thrift shop, but a couple months ago I stopped by to drop off some donations and I decided to get in, see what it's all about. So I'm going up and down the jean isles because right on top of them there were shoes...yeah shoe fetish, I know. I then see a pair of Nine West heels, I try them on but decided not to get them. Just as I was putting them back up again, I notice a different tag coming out of a pile of hanging jeans. I pull out the jeans, and a bunch of price tags are hanging from them. I then immediately realized that it is an EXPRESS jeans, my excitement began. I examine the pair for any tear or damage parts, but nothing, absolutely nothing...this thing looked like came straight out of one of the EXPRESS stores from the mall, brand new with all the original store tags still hanging. To make long story short, they were my size!!!!!!! Who knew, ha! I was looking for a pair of new jeans for months now but I didn't want to spend $100 (the mommy in me) and there these were, calling my name for exchange of only $6...sweet, beautiful bargain!

Have a wonderful start of hopefully a productive week and see you all on Wednesday, cheers!

Outfit Details
Top: Old from Papaya
Jeans: Los Angeles ReRock Jeans for EXPRESS
Shoes: Forever21

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  1. Your jeans are really amazing!!! Love them <3 I think there are many treasures hidden in some thrift stores :)

    <3 <3
    Mahshid مهشید

    1. Thanks for stopping by dear! I agree there are treasures in thrift stores and I'm planning to go after them a little more now :)

      XOXO JuJu

  2. cool jeans babe!!! i love the new trend!