Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#wwiw If I Went to A Wedding

What Would I Wear...if I went to a wedding? #wwiw 

When I was back in San Diego, I used to attend a lot of weddings with my family. The Chaldean community is huge in SD and everyone knows everyone and their mother so every week during summer season we went to a wedding.  I have to admit, I miss dressing up, getting my hair and makeup done, and party with friends and family till sunrise. 

Now that we're in Florida, I don't know anyone that is Chaldean, better yet, any middle eastern. It looks like attending a wedding in Florida is not going to happen for quite some time for us, so I don't have an excuse to dress up for a wedding (sad face).

Anyway, I would wear the top outfit for an evening wedding:

Have a wonderful Wednesday and see you all on Friday!

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