Monday, August 4, 2014

Denim Dress, Motherhood, & Body Image

I can finally fit into my favorite denim dress again! Finally after many months, I am slowly fitting into my dresses again! It's a glorious day ^_^
All photos taken by my handsome husband. 

I've worn this dress so many times during my single years of no care in the world and a body that could fit into anything. I love this dress.

Don't get me wrong, after giving birth, I realized that I took my body for granted in so many ways that now I appreciate what it is capable of doing. For Christ's sake, my skin stretched inches, my organs moved up and sideways, and I wanted to eat everything that was in front of me, let's not forget that I pushed a human being out of me. Yes, I am proud of my body's transformation through the years and I am looking forward on going through it all over again in the future.

So to my mothers out there who are struggling to look into the mirror, I say don't forget what you are holding around your arms every night when you put that little one to sleep. Look. You and your significant other created this beautiful angel that you as a powerful human being brought out another human being, who else can do that other than you?!? You created a beautiful angel, you are beautiful from inside all the way to every inch of your outside.

Have a blissful Monday glitsies and see you all on Wednesday, cheers!

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