Monday, June 9, 2014

Pirate Festival and a Dinner Date

So the hubby, our daughter, and I went to Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival in Fort Walton Beach, Florida (USA) on Saturday and let me tell yeh' it was humid beyond reasonable. 

I don't understand how anywhere can be so humid, sticky, icky, and plain nasty all at once; oh wait I know, it's because it's not California that's why. You simply cannot hate me because I love California - you would love it too if you lived there for a good chunk of your life and then go to a 100% humid weather. 

Alright enough of my complaints, let's go back to the title. So we went to a pirate adventure (aaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!) and aside to the humidity, it was a good time. We found a bench underneath a tree shade and the breeze from the water was great. 

All photos taken by my handsome husband from his iPhone.

Just like any festival, the pirates where throwing beads at the crowd at the end of their performance and let me tell you, it was almost a damn jungle. Keep in mind that this was a family festival so kids where everywhere running around with paint covering their faces. As these so called "pirates" where throwing beads, the kids where literally snatching beads out of adults' hands just to get them. One bead necklace came right on my foot, right on my damn foot, I bend down to grab it and all of the sudden this little kid dressed as a pirate (now that I think about it, he should have dressed as a ninja) came flying out of no where and took MY bead necklace. At first, I thought it was cute how these kids where running around to get these beads, but after the 10th attempt of me trying to get a bead that was five inches away from me, I had enough; I finally turned into a kid myself and grabbed beads left and right. No wonder why the adults where nuts too, I don't blame them. Can you imagine the faces on these adults to the kids "AAAHAAAAAAAA I GOT IT!!!!!!!" Afer my little bead battle parade, we were off to dinner ;)

P.S. Don't mind my tummy, I am still working on loosing my baby fat so thank you for not judging. It's a beautiful thing to have a miracle come out of you, so I am working on getting my body back slowly ^_^

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  1. Hahahhah oh honey, can't say I feel ya as I'm a SoCal gal for life :D Not gonna lie, weather is pretty FAB over here but we don't have Pirates I tell ya! What a beautiful day for an outdoor event, so cool gotta see if we even have anything comparable over here...

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    1. Hi Julie thank you for reading! I am jealous the fact that your hair stays put when your outdoors because you're not in a weather of "hair attacks." Every time I complain to the people here on how humid it is, they always say "How can you live in a dry area" I always reply "Why are you so moist?" I tell yah dear i don't get it, I don't think I'll ever get day I'll be back to the beautiful Coronado, delicious real mexican food, and to the LA aisley.

      XOXO JuJu

  2. I like your outfit very much :) please, check out my blog