Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Denim Clutch - Love IT!

I attach memories to things around me. Certain songs, places, and smells remind me of certain people from my past and current. Every time I hear a song, smell a scent, or go to a specific place that had an episode, I instantly have a very clear image in my head of that incident. 
All photos taken by my handsome husband!

You see, his denim clutch means so much more to me than just a clutch. Matter fact, this clutch is from my grandfather, Baba Goro. He got this for me when I first moved to States and I still remember the exact words he said to me as he handed it after he paid for it. 

Baba Goro: Go ahead and enjoy it. 

Those simple words grew in me; beautiful things come from beautiful souls. I miss him everyday, and wish that he could have seen my daughter, his grand-grandchild but I know he is...I am tearing up and I cannot finish this post...

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  1. Cute! I love the story behind this clutch! XOXO!

  2. it's a lovely clutch,especially because of the studded gold details :)

    1. Thank you Sammie! I wish I could tell you where my grandfather got it from, but honestly it's pointless; it was a very chic boutique in San Diego, California (USA) that closed down :(