Friday, May 16, 2014

Our Wonderful 1 Year Anniversary!

So as I have said last week on the sneak peak posts of making my wedding gown (for Part 1 click HERE and for Part 2 click HERE), I will share with you some of the photographs during our wedding. 
I want to relive this day over and over again; go through all of the emotions, all of the excitement, and all of the nervousness just to feel so beautiful next to my amazing husband. Because of our cultural differences, we had one too many mountains to move trying to convince my family that he is the one and only. As you might have read before during this whole journey at JuJu's Moments, love truly out beats all. No matter what your background consists of (different culture, different race, different height, or different color) if you are truly meant to be for one another under God's plan, then no power of human being can stand before you and prevent you from one another. 

I am beyond grateful and thankful for such an amazing human being; I am truly blessed I tell yah for having my husband not only as my roommate but as my best friend. I'm glad I have his rib, for he has my heart. Pure love from the heart will move any mountain high if the respect, dedication, and passion drive that love. Happy anniversary to us and see you all on Monday ^_^

Have a lovely weekend my glitsies!

The Look
Custom Wedding Gown: Elina Sheripova (click HERE)
Custom Flower Crown & Bouquet
Make-Up: Artistry by Maureen (click HERE)
Hair: Venus Hair Salon (click HERE)
Photographer: NuVision Photography (click HERE)

I loved each and every single service! They made me look and feel so beautiful, I simply couldn't stop smiling thanks to this amazing team!

P.S. Please keep San Diego (CA, USA) in your prayers to keep all the families and firefighters safe from the ugly fires.

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