Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Page + Giveaway


I am really thankful on where this blog is going. The amount of effort, hard work, and late nights I have put into this website makes it so special to me. It is on a track of evolving into where I have it envisioned to be and I am so humbled that you are interested on reading my posts and my content. Your support is my inspiration to do better and bring better content to you all.

New Page:
I have put all of the headpieces I have made in one page titled Juliana Headpieces. I am excited, I have headpieces projects I am working on and I cant wait to keep adding new pieces this coming year. Please click HERE to check it out or click on the very top on the menu bar (Juliana Headpieces.)

The 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway is still going on and it ends this Monday, March 16th at 1am! Don't wait to long, click HERE or on the images above to see the full post for details on how to enter.

Have a wonderful Wednesday glitsies and talk to you all on Friday, cheers!

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