Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Top 3 Favorite Bloggers

There are so many bloggers out there that are so interesting, so talented, and so inspiring! 

Before I move any further, I completely forgot to finish the outfit details for Monday's post...oops...check it out HERE now that the details are up :D

Now back to the topic! As most bloggers out there, I love reading other bloggers, especially the ones that are so unique and beautifully talented. Yes, it is a competitive world out there and one might argue that I should never promote or praise my competition, but I say who cares, I have many tastes! Just think about it, would you not watch Game of Thrones or Once Upon a Time just because you swear on Sex And The City or Ugly Betty? What I mean is that I enjoy so-they-call my competitors just as much as I like to watch all those shows even though they are under different categories. It shouldn't be looked as competition against another person, it should only be looked as inspiration, motivation for a competition with your own self to do better as a person, as a business woman.

As much as I like to read the well-known and well established bloggers such as Wendy's Lookbook, Tuula, and The Chriselle Factor (congratulations again Chriselle :), I also like these three bloggers that you should follow ASAP for all their amazing talent:

Cissy Zhang
Location: Australia

This beauty is talented beyond explanation! I sometimes think what goes on in her head when she plans the photoshoots, I mean each one of them is more exquisite than the other. 
You need to see her posts and follow her to truly understand what I'm talking about. Blog Facebook Instagram

Mira & Thilda 
Location: Currently in Stockholm 

These two gorgeous sisters have such an effortless wanderlust travels that make anyone get off of the couch and hop into a car for a road trip. Their photos are so earthy, so desirable, leaving you wishing you were there! Just check them out yourself and follow them to see different parts of the world through their radiant eyes. Blog Facebook Instagram

Location: Netherlands

There's something about this pretty lady so humble that makes me come back and read her posts. Other than the fact she is crazy beautiful, she has such a timeless style, so chic. You must see her and follow her for daily wardrobe inspiration! Blog Facebook Instagram

I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do and I hope you get inspired and motivated to travel somewhere near or far, to create something magical, and/or to dress up for yourself and not for someone else. Have a beautiful Wednesday you glitzies and see you all on Friday, cheers!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love finding great new fashion blogs :)

    Jessica xo
    the way to my Hart

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it dear :)!

      XOXO JuJu

  2. Very inspiring girls, must check them out! :) And there's a space for everyone, I don't think there is "competition" this way, it's more of supporting each other and growing as a community, isn't it? ;)


    1. I completely agree with you Whitney! It is all about supporting one another's talents and creativity. After all, we understand each other better than anyone else! ^_^

      XOXO JuJu

  3. I love Frunette ;)

  4. It's a lovely discover you blog...i love it so much and i would to follow you!!!
    Have a wonderful Friday

    1. Thank you so much for the support dear! <3

      XOXO JuJu