Friday, November 21, 2014

Instamoment Photos

Photos from my Instagram

Fist of all, I apologize for missing Wednesday's post; I've been crazy busy trying to get ready before my in-laws come in this weekend and then my baby got sick. I hate feeling helpless not able to take her pain away, all I could do and all she wanted was to sleep in my arms. I loved that she found comfort on hearing my heart beat...priceless  moments of a mother.

Now back to Instamoments. I never liked Instagram because I had to maintain one for multiple jobs before. I couldn't stand posting something on behalf of someone else, I'm weird like that I know! The same reason I couldn't stand was one of the multiple reasons why I love to blog my own thoughts and document my own ever changing revolution of my wardrobe as I get older and get into new chapters of my life.
After I decided to commit to my blog, I finally joined the Instagram bandwagon because I wanted to document my life even further.

Left Collage: September
1 - September 3rd (favorite checkered trousers)
2 - September 9th (one of husband's favorite photo)
3 - September 26th (finally updated to a MacBook Pro)

Right Collage: October
1 - October 1st (Trip to Indiana, love the country side)
2 - October 9th (#tbt to the directing days)
3 - October 27th (found one of my favorite black pumps on sale)

We have an exciting December coming up and I can't wait to snap every moment possible and sharing it with you all beautiful glitzies. Because we will have family members flying in to celebrate Thanksgiving together, I won't be blogging much during the end of this month and end of next month, so please make sure to follow me on my Instagram account @jujusmoments for daily updates! I promise ya they will be juicy and festive ;)

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