Thursday, April 24, 2014

#wwiw Workout Outfit

What Would I Wear if I Were Out? #wwiw 
I've been trying to loose my baby fat ever since I got the "ok" mark from my doctor on my 9th week post-pregnancy. Yeah I know, most women start working out before their 6-week check-up, I just had to wait another three weeks. 

With that said, I was so excited and motivated to work out that I hardly waited to go back to the gym. You see, the closest gym to my house was actually my house. All I needed was a mat, P90X, and my baby as weight. Truthfully, I couldn't leave my baby anywhere else, so I used my resources around the house and oh boy was she the perfect weight for my arm workout. 

If I were to go to the actual gym, I would wear all Nike since it's my favorite sports brand, but  until then I will stick with my husband's work shirt and my sweatpants to work out at home.

Get the look: all pieces from Nike

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