Friday, March 21, 2014

From Cooking to your Skin: Spectrum Coconut Oil

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I'm blessed with sister in-laws, and one of them introduced me to Spectrum Cocunut Oil.
I love lotion and I love spreading it all over my body. I love the way it makes me feel and my skin is always soft and moisture but since my little bundle came, I stopped putting any type of lotion; I was afraid that all the chemicals would be transferred to her. 
One of my sister in-laws came to meet my precious baby, and one night she cracked open her Spectrum jar, started scooping out chunks and then rubbed it on her arms. So curiously, I asked what she was doing. Honestly, I thought she run out of lotion because the only place my coconut oil would go (if I used any) would be for my cooking. 
There we were standing (actually she was sitting on the couch and I was sitting on the floor like a true Arab) enlightening me with some pure coconut oil knowledge. 

So there are two kinds: refined and unrefined. The one I got is refined. The reason being is because it doesn't have the coconut smell as the unrefined so that way when I do put it on the smell won't bother my new born. Also for cooking you can have a higher heat temperature with refined. Either one, it trully feels amazing as soon as you put it on; surprisingly, it doesn't have the oil effect afterwards as lotions do. 

If you're a mother out there and doesn't want to pass on all the daily chemicals you use on your skin, use Spectrum Coconut Oil, its nature's best thing to your skin, hair, and health. 

Try it and let me know your thoughts, but until then, Cheers! 

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